Atlas II

25 years since the opening of Ether (1982/1996), the curtain rises once again on a new space in Lisbon exclusively dedicated to photography: the P4Photography Gallery. Following the success of the first photography auctions in Portugal (which began in 2006), P4 developed a new strategy focusing on the photography arts in general. This includes the creation of a data base and sale of Portuguese photography books (several of them out of print), the production of limited edition prints and now the foundation of a photography gallery.

The P4Photography Gallery, which will show the work of both Portuguese and foreign artists, aims to become a major player in the photography field in Portugal. Some of the great international photographers have worked in Portugal, showing a particular empathy with the Portuguese sensibility: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Lou Stettner, Thurston Hopkins, Harry Callahan, Sebastião Salgado, etc. More recently, Sarah Moon, Candida Hoffer, Hedi Slimane and Bert Teunisssen have also paid tribute to this fascination.

Several Portuguese contemporary photographers – Gérard Castello-Lopes, Paulo Nozolino, Jorge Molder, José M. Rodrigues, Helena Almeida, Edgar Martins, Daniel Blaufuks and others – have also become internationally known, spreading the Portuguese way of seeing (if such a thing exists).

The P4Photography Gallery will exhibit not only well-known photographers but also newcomers, particularly those with an interest in all things Portuguese. A daunting task when one thinks that there are traces of Portugal all over the world.

Carlos M. Fernandes, João Mariano and Rui Fonseca are three photographers whose work reflects this philosophy. They have traveled extensively (Iceland, Norway, Continental Portugal and the Azores,) in search of the overwhelming energy of the Atlantic and Atlas.

Luís Trindade
p4photography Director

João Mariano (Atlas)

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mutantismos disse...

Descobri a P4photogallery por acaso, lendo o blog Teleobjetiva. Como sou fotógrafo brasileiro e apaixonado por Portugal (Lisboa é tudo!) acabei colocando o NAFarrico nos favoritos e lendo os textos, que gostei bastante.
Gostaria de saber se a galeria é somente virtual ou se tem um espaço físico propriamente dito. Estou montando uma exposiçnao nova depois de 4 anos sem expor e gostaria de levá-la onde fosse possível.

Grande abraço!

Raul Krebs

CMF disse...

A galeria tem um espaço físico, no centro de Lisboa. Toda a informação está em www.p4photography.com, lá encontrará forma de contactar a galeria.
Um abraço